Potter Portaits #11: Ron Weasley (and Scabbers)
Here at last is Harry Potter's best friend, Ron Weasley (and his pet rat, Scabbers).

Every worthy hero has a sidekick. Batman has his intelligent, capable Robin. Han Solo has the mighty and loyal Chewbacca. Harry Potter has Ron Weasley, a sidekick whose chief attributes seem to be whining and turning away from Harry whenever his feelings get slightly bruised.

Still, even if as a sidekick he is as shoddy and second-hand as his clothes, Ron always comes around eventually. I suppose that's what you need in a sidekick, at least at the most basic level.

Ron is shown here wearing one of his Christmas sweaters from his mother. Redheaded, wearnig an "R" sweater, and attracting girls who are much too good for him - I never realized before how much Ron Weasley has in common with Archie Andrews.

With Ron here is his pet rat Scabbers. A rat is a pretty poor pet to begin with, but (SPOILER ALERT) is an especially poor pet when he is secretly an evil lackey of your best friend's archenemy in disguise. What kind of man spends around a dozen years hiding out in the body of a rat? Answer: A man who likes cheese.

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2010 Brodie H. Brockie