Potter Portaits #4: Moaning Myrtle (and rubber ducky)
I love ghosts, so the first B-list character to appear in this series gets to be Moaning Myrtle.

Moaning Myrtle is also the first character I'm featuring who doesn't have a pet, so I decided to give her a little rubber ducky. Maybe it will help cheer her up (I doubt it).

Like Elvis, Moaning Myrtle died in a bathroom. Also, like Elvis, she continues to haunt that bathroom to this day. Wait... the Brits don't say "bathroom." They call them "poo-poo closets", I think. Anyway, it's a pretty lousy gig for a ghost, especially one who lives in a massive, gothic, enchanted castle full of nervous children. Overall, Hogwarts is an ideal place for a ghost. Don't limit yourself to the potty, MM!

Myrtle died in the bathroom because it was also the location Salazar Slytherin used to build the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets, and Myrtle had the misfortune of catching Tom "I Love Anagrams" Riddle sneaking into the chamber. The question here is, why did Mr. Slytherin use the girls' restroom as the place where he hid the entrance to the hiding place of his giant snake? That... that does not seem appropriate.

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2010 Brodie H. Brockie