Princesses of Power: Ariel
The task I set for myself: redesign the Disney princesses as superheroes, drawing inspiration from super-fashions of around the same time their animated movies came out.

ARIEL THE LITTLE MERMAID: The Little Mermaid came out in 1989, and one of my favorite superhero artists at that time was Walter Simonson. Ariel was one of the more difficult characters to reinterpret since there isn't a lot of costume to her most classic look (and none of her dresses on land are all that iconic or even appealing. What was up with putting the redhead in a pink dress? Mary Blair must've been rolling over in her grave.). In the end, I decided to keep it pretty simple, drawing the lines out from the seashell top and adding a mask similar to those Simonson was drawing on Jean Grey (also a redhead) in X-Factor at the time.

Flounder gets the Wolverine treatment since their yellow and blue patterns are so close to begin with that I couldn't resist. Snikt!

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2010 Brodie H. Brockie